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At this most difficult time of my life, you have brought me an array of sunshine. Your kindness goes unmeasured. Thank you.

– Geoffrey

Thank you for being an amazing partner in caring for our patients. BRF is a real game-changer in the cancer support space and I’ll be excited to see how it continues to evolve and shape the Philly region’s health systems.

– Erin, social worker

I felt grateful that someone could provide a glimmer of hope to my two grandchildren during a dark time in our lives. Between COVID and my diagnosis, the kids and I felt isolated. The fact that BRF had generous volunteers to go out and shop for us was very uplifting and heartwarming.

– Elizabeth, colon cancer

I thank you so much for what you have blessed my family with. We are so thankful. I truly appreciate you blessing my children with Easter baskets. It’s one less stressor. I am so thankful for your help.

– Miranda, Hodgkins lymphoma, mom of four children

I cannot tell you how much your letter meant to me at that particular moment. I can’t even express how much it meant and means to me that anybody would have the heart to reach out like that. it was really wonderful. Thank you so much.

– Roberta

Please let the Breathing Room Foundation know we are so grateful for picking our family during this difficult time. We appreciate your foundation and all the thoughtful things they have done for our family and are humbled by your kindness.

– Dedra, Ronald, and Andrew

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